entertaining outdoors

Hi everyone and welcome back to creative entertaining!

I got to be part of something awesome last night.. The team at Fresh Look Design provided the decor as well as attended a garden party last night for brides and vendors in the events industry- it was a lot of fun!

This event inspired my post for today.. One of my favorite things about entertaining in the summer is that you can do it outdoors. Everyone loves being out in the fresh air and this keeps the mess all in one place! and out of your home.

Today I am sharing some photos to inspire your next outdoor party as well as give you some tips on how to make it successful.


1. Always have enough seating for atleast 2/3 of your group- on hot afternoons or nights, this will be very much appreciated.

2. Provide drink options!! Not everyone wants to be drinking alcohol and you want to make sure you are refreshing your guests as well as keeping them in good enough shape to drive home- or have someone drive them home.

3. It is important to have some shaded areas.. depending on the group, you may want to rent a tent or have large umbrellas set out to create an area for those who need to keep cool.

4. Think about your menu.. if your food is going to be sitting out in the sun will it stay tasteful? Unless you are having a dinner party, keep it simple- people love finger foods, bbq and salad bars. Also, Setting up drinks in one area and food in another will encourage your guests to move around the space. Adding labels to food and drink stations adds a personal touch and makes it look that much more organized and chic.

5. Ice is your best friend during the warm season! It keeps food, drinks and dips cold.

6. Unless you are having a short cocktail party which will have guests mingling, you may want to have games or activities to keep people entertained. Projector screens with films, music videos or home videos are also an option. 

7. In terms of decor, don’t be afraid of color! Summer is the perfect time to use patterned cushions, colorful napkins and hang a few paper lanterns in the trees! String lights also create a warm, intimate setting. If you have the budget, add some colorful floral- this is so simple and makes a big impact.

8. Have some music on or have a talented friend come over with a guitar and  a microphone- this just adds to the atmosphere and will most likely make people stay a little longer. 

9. Use items you have in a nonconventional way- tree stumps as seating, room dividers as decor, cupcake stands at the drink station, wood pieces and black paint to make signs, large frames as serving trays..                                                                                               – more of these fun ideas to come in a post all about DIY!

10. Citronella!! Candles, sprays anything to keep the bugs at a minimum

Here’s some inspiration 

1e198133f998b511e4c4824ccc2d5285 8154c557a41be33f020478e37f376c4a

c83bb80de71c017550bf57f3a609e36f striped couch beach wedding party tea labels margarita bar flowerbox cooler

* I do not own any of the photos posted above. I have collected them from various sites.

and here’s a sneak peek of the party last night!

IMG_2258 IMG_2263

wishing you all a wonderful day!

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