hostess fashion

You know that feeling when you can’t decide what to wear and you try on a ridiculous amount of options then end up wearing the first one you tried? I am so bad for that. It’s even worse when you are in a hurry or have a long list of other things to do.

This is why when I have an event I look through my closet the night before and usually go for a summer dress. They are pretty, easy to wear and pretty much always fit the same- plus it’s one piece! You don’t have to worry about putting an outfit together.

Next time you’re at the mall take a look at these options!

As hostess you want to look nice but simple and have a worry-free morning getting ready.

f21 for21


These 3 are from Forever 21, I love that store for bright, colorful dresses.

jcrew jcrewred

Looking to dress it up a bit? J Crew is great too.

Not a dress kind of girl? Here are some Pinterest finds for inspiration: 

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wishing you all a wonderful day!



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