stocking your bar

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to get back into the work week. Let’s take one more minute for weekend thinking though! Last night I was having some wine with a friend and I realized it’s tough to buy drinks before guests arrive. Most people end up buying too many options and have a ton of leftovers (which is fine, it will be used at some point right?)

Well, to give you some ideas, here’s what’s popular at our house for casual parties:


steamwhistle corona

A lot of beer drinkers in our group so these 3 are what we usually buy (Mill St. Organic is my favorite!)

cottageblock jacobs creek middlesister

And a few white options, I came across this Cottage Block wine a few weekends ago and I loved it!

I don’t know much about red wine so I choose not to buy it..

It’s fun to have a signature drink as well- more on those coming soon!

We are in process of putting together a little bar area, what do you think??

DSC06277 DSC06279

This bar stand can be found at Bowring, chalkboard print from Homesense and floating shelves from Target.

(don’t mind my awful photos, I was in a hurry and using my little digital camera!)

wishing you all a wonderful Monday!

Tomorrow i’m talking about a traditional decor item which has become a big trend with all it’s variations-stay tuned!


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