DIY centrepieces

Having a party but need to change up the decor to your space? Centrepieces are one of the easiest, most versatile ways to add some color and make your room look special for your guests. Plus, there are so many DIY projects to this!

Here are some of my favorite, simple centrepieces you can make at home.

glitter mason

Although some may think they are over done, I absolutely love using maison jars! There are so many variations and I happen to think this sparkly option is fabulous.

paper wrap

wrap cylinders, vases or maison jars with wrapping paper or scrapbook paper and ribbon or twine for a more casual look.


This photo is one I took from a wedding we did in May. The centrepieces were wine bottles in various sizes that we spray painted and filled with white and green flowers- so pretty and original.

simple centrepiece

Use items you have at home! A maison jar, some lemons, water and flowers from the garden- fresh and elegant.

stemless wine glass

You know those ultra cool stemless wine glasses you’ve wanted so bad but couldn’t justify purchasing? Now you have 2 uses for them. Fill them with water and a rose to add romance to your table.. and then use them for wine another day 🙂

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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