hostess gifts

Hi everyone!

Tonight’s post is all about hostess gifts.. It can be tricky to come up with something to bring when you are invited to a get together or an event. It is nice to come up with something original, or maybe just add a personal touch to a classic gift.

Here are some ideas!

1. Remember the post about DIY centrepieces? You can take a look here. Take half an hour to put together a personalized gift, buy some fresh flowers and bring the centrepiece to the hostess- she will love the thought, the flowers and the “vase” to use it again!

2. Make up a patio emergency kit.. everyone loves sitting on their porch/balcony/veranda in the summer. Buy a beer bin and fill it with fun napkins, a bottle of wine, 2 funky wine glasses, a citronella candle and a party mix! Perfect for any host and will definitely be enjoyed.

You can find every color and pattern of bucket, then fill it with whatever you like!


Want to take this to the next level? check out

3. Buy some wine or beer and print personalized labels- this is just a cute idea to let your friends know you were thinking about them. It’s also fun for them when they take it out next to drink it

wine_labels il_fullxfull.151076762

PS. Anything homemade, dessert, flowers, or yourself will make a host happy- these are just fun ideas!

wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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