dessert tables

Dessert.. my family’s favorite part of the meal. The trend in weddings the past few seasons is having a dessert table/buffet near the end of the night. Some have it as a dessert instead of the cake and some place take out boxes or bags for people to bring treats home.

Why not try this when hosting a party in your home? Give people a few options and display them nicely for a dessert bar after dinner.

sequin dessert table   desserts

tree stump dessert   dessert table 5

dessert buffets

Not into baking, buy a few things at the grocery store or your local bakery.

Love to bake? Here are some recipe that would be great for your at-home dessert table.

Caramel Crumb Bars: find the recipe here

Bailey’s Chocolate Truffles: Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

Oreo Truffles: find the recipe here

Mini Key Lime Cakes: Courtesy of Delish

Oatmeal Cream Pies: (a personal favorite) find them here

tip: for summer bbq replace the filling in the oatmeal cream pies with ice cream

happy baking everybody- check out Catherine Corner for Wedding Wednesday

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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