planning a bridal shower

Since we are in the peak of wedding season I thought I would talk a little bit about a special type of party today. Throwing a bridal shower can seem stressful- you are in charge of something very important to the bride.

This should be fun though! You are with your girlfriends and family members and celebrating someone who means a lot to you and an exciting part of her life.

Here is some inspiration to reduce the stress and get you thinking about themes:

bridal shower

Planning for a tradition girly girl? This pink inspiration board gives you a color palette to start with and some fun ways to incorporate light pink!

champagne bridal shower

How about a more modern bride? This inspiration board has a more glamorous look. Black and champagne look so chic!

pink bridal shower

  I love this outdoor table setting. It is simple, girly and sweet. How I think a bridal shower should be.

Always inspiration for treats..

bridal shower cookies   mini rose cakes

lace cupcake holders white macaroons

How about fashion inspiration?

shower:dinner:party dresses

A few of my favorite bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner dresses!

A few party appetizers too: 

  crab cakes with lemon aioli: I use this recipe:

italian rice balls: courtesy of

healthy avocado chicken salad: I like this recipe:

ham & cheese scones: courtesy of

(sorry guys, the link button was not working)

Hope this inspires you to create a beautiful bridal shower or a girly afternoon

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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