gift wrapping

Good Morning Everyone!

I have started this blog in hopes of covering topics related to cooking, baking, entertaining and all things domestic. Part of having guests over or being a guest in someone’s home is gifts.  For those of you who like a fun project and really want to make gifts personal, here are some tips for gift wrapping.

I love the idea of using eco friendly paper and customizing it with colourful ribbon, neon stickers, glitter or any fun accessory you have in your craft box.

dot gift wrap   giftwrap gitter gift wrap   heart gift wrap

letter gift   neon gift wrap

Using a solid white wrapping paper also allows for a pop of color. Use a doily, a stamp or a piece of patterned paper in the centre.

doiley gift wrap   gift wrap


How cute are the bright polka dots and paper pom on the top of this gift?

Finally, for the DIY lovers- stencil your own pattern.


What’s happening tomorrow at creative entertaining? We’re looking at hostess fashion again but this time with a focus on simple accessories that are trending right now. See you then.

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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