When you know you are going to be busy serving people, preparing things and cleaning up you don’t want too much jewellery in your way. You still want to look put together and it’s always fun to accessorize however you need to do this simply.

blue earrings  earrings  twist earrings

Switch up your everyday earrings for something a little brighter or colorful. This immediately makes you feel dressed up.

black neclace   teal necklace

Statement necklaces are a huge trend right now, and they are great because you only need to wear one piece of jewellery to tie your outfit together. Wear them with a top or a dress.

 dress  6ed99b6d35a99c84e3227f83a2d9c192

For those of you who love to wear rings, these are great too. Once the cooking/baking/preparing is done, a ring will accessorize and won’t get in the way.

gold knot  7709230de7cdfed288cbfdcf84562aa6  d19e0b50862711c80016843ffbfb0e05

Belts work too!

black belt

Happy monday everyone, wishing you all a wonderful day!

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