flatbread pizzas

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite entertaining recipes-one that can be done in so many ways. We’re talking about flatbread pizzas, these are what I like to think of as the gourmet pizza. They use a different base, different toppings but the same concept. Next time you are entertaining prepare these in advance to pop in the oven and wow your guests with your laid-back attitude while the work is done! Having a sit down meal? Why not have your guests make their own flatbreads, my family loves this style. Everyone can make their own then we try some of each!

Here is some flatbread pizza inspiration!

My Favorite Flatbread:

I use naan bread from the store, I spread homemade spinach dip, chopped chicken, pieces of bacon and some mozzarella.

sauce ideas:  bbq sauce, alfredo, pesto mayo, artichoke spread, spinach dip

 topping combinations:

goat cheese, caramelized onions & basil

chicken, bacon, havarti

salmon, dill, mozzarella

three cheese

ground beef, peppers & your favorite cheese

asparagus, mushroom & mozzarella

gorgonzola, prosciutto & chopped artichoke hearts

kale, garlic & ricotta

buffalo chicken, blue cheese & green onions

CB-Pizza-3   images

pizza2_md1   61e7c0f9f1f37f93afc23032e1732455

Ok, time for breakfast now. I’m getting hungry!

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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