trend: chalkboards

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to creative entertaining. Today I am posting about a huge trend: chalkboards! These are seriously everywhere. A school classic is now used in so many ways, and I like it! It’s the ultimate DIY project right now.

Want to be part of this? Here’s some inspiration:

In your home:

chalkboard wall

decor chalkboard

pantry chalkboard

Add some decor pieces using a large chalkboard behind an accent table, or create a wall dedicated to grocery or to do lists. The best part about the chalkboard is the content can always be changed and re used. I like the idea of having a chalkboard wall in a kids room or play room. It will keep the kiddos entertained for hours!

dessert chalkboard   drink chalkboard

Remember when I talked about having cute signs or labels to identify food & drink items to your guests? Chalkboard signs are super cute for this and can used over and over by switching up what is written on it.

banner   chalk placemat   chalkboard sign party hat  placemat  porch welcome chalkboard

I love using items like this for parties- you ca customize them to a specific event yet keep them for another time. Welcome signs, place mats and garlands add a personal touch to the space without spending a lot of money.

dit chalkboard

You all know I am a fan of using something you already have and making look new & different. How about this DIY project? I just love the idea of painting a globe and having it look like this in your home.

Here is a link to make your own chalkboard paint- it’s super easy! all you need is black paint and grout

If you’re not into the cratfy stuff but want that fun chalkboard look, you can find tons of stuff at craft stores or even printable labels online.

Check these out:

happy crafting! wishing you all a wonderful day

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