outdoor lighting

Good Morning Everyone!

As I was helping a family friend set up her backyard this weekend I was giving her various options of lighting she could add to the area to make it feel cozy or add some color.

I thought this could be a good post so here are some ideas for all of you who to change up your backyards.

To buy: 


lowes globe lights

You can find pretty lanterns for the ground or wall/fence at Lowes, Home Depot etc. The globe lights are also a good option, you can put them anywhere and they look fabulous! You can find them at most party stores, online or ask a party planner to order them for you.

etsy find

This is an Etsy find and I love it! the color is perfect and it is so unique. (I’m sure there is a DIY turorial for this somewhere).

floating candles   white lanterns

Lanterns are always pretty, they come in every color and size and are to put together, plus they are inexpensive. For the simpler host, grab a beer pin, fill it with water and add some floating candles, you can use anything for this, it’s just a nice alternative and candles give off a nice warm lighting.

5 great slow cooker recipes coming tomorrow.

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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