Good Morning Everyone!

As I was walking through home decor stores last night I found myself picking up various patterned accessories and being so excited about adding some texture to my home. This got me thinking about how much I love stripes for events, my home and even my clothing.

Here is some inspiration for all of you who may be trying to incorporate some stripes into your lives!

For your home:


How about this adorable placemat from west elm? It’s on my shopping list!


Or try a fun area rug like this one from Target. stripetowelest

Tea towels are an easy way to add color and pattern because they are used on a part-time basis and they are small so they don’t overwhelm you. These cute personalized ones are also from west elm. I just love that store!stripewestelm

Try adding some colors, textures and patterns in your cushions!

For entertaining:

It’s much simpler to have bold, busier pieces for guests only. You take them out when you are going to use them and then put them away so it is nice to have something different then your usual dishes or decor pieces.


I found this stripe and lace runner on etsy. So cute and subtle yet girly.

stripe ice cream stripegiftbeaucoup stripenapkinpartucity

Having a party? Go for some fun colored napkins, gift bags and dinnerware.

and for your closet:

stripegap stripetankgap

You can find these at The Gap.


Old Navy has great inexpensive basics like this stripes tee.

vs vs2

Head over to Victoria’s secret for comfortable, fashionable work wear.


How about this cute dress from Forever 21? I’m on my way to buy that now.

Loving the stripe trend? I’ve put together some inspiration boards for you!



wishing you all a wonderful day!


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