wine & cheese

Good Morning Everyone!

I have been trying to get all my closest friends and family together this summer for a wine and cheese party. The weather is now perfect for this to happen outside without anyone being too hot and I cannot wait to relax, enjoy their company and taste a few great wine and cheese pairings.

I’ve done some research and thought I would share my findings with all of you:

First you will need some “tools”


This is a great set from Bed Bath & Beyond.

will william

Williams Sonoma also has nice options!

Less fancy? Try Ikea or even Costco. They have a good product at a low price.

For more info on cheese knives, read this article.

Next, the wine glasses


Thank you to Crate & Barrel for this handy chart!

My favorite looks right now?


Wine charms are a cute accessory and are helpful when hosting a big group. These are personalized charms found on Etsy. You can also find charms at any food, entertaining, craft or department store.


You can never have too many napkins!


West elm, of course.


Paper napkins work too, I have these from Target.

wine and cheese

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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