appetizers: roll ups

We all know I like to have friends and family over for dinner, and this means coming up with easy, tasty meals to serve them. Although I like to try new recipes I often find myself going back to some I have tried and changing a few ingredients to make it different.

I want to share a few varieties of one of my favourite appetizer/breakfast recipes: roll ups (some call them pinwheels).

These are so good and so easy to make!


Here are a few combinations I like for filling:

1. Spinach, feta and artichokes.

2. Chicken, bacon and mozzarella.

3. Ham & swiss (we had this for breakfast this morning!).

4.  Pepperoni, olives & mozzarella.

5. Cream cheese, chopped onion & chopped red pepper.

6. Cream cheese, dill & flaked salmon.

7. Marshmallows & chocolate chips.

8. Butter, brown sugar & cinnamon.

You can fill them with pretty much anything you want and they will be good! I promise.

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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