home office tips

Working from home can be very tricky for some people. It is so easy to get distracted or stay in your pjs all day. Unfortunately, that probably won’t lead to a very productive day.. so here are a few tips!

1.  Don’t stay in your pyjamas. Remember, you are at work.  Take a shower, get dressed and work in your office. Not your dining room table or your couch, your office.

2. Start your day with a to-do list ( and a coffee 🙂 ) having priorities and things you need accomplished will get you started.

3. Have a separate phone line for business- you don’t want to end up on your personal facebook, social media, or texting friends.  This will not only help you stay focused during the day but it will also help you disconnect at night when it is personal time.

4. Make your office appealing and comfortable. Buy a nice chair and desk, frame some inspirational pictures, and stay organized. Make yourself want to be in that space.

5. If you find yourself doing laundry, vacuuming or distracted by other house chores, try a coffee shop! Sometimes a little break outside of the house can do you some good.

As for your office decor- here’s some inspiration

home office home office look

Get creative- remember the home organization post? Use some of these creative tricks in your office. It will create a personalized, pleasant atmosphere and may inspire new ideas.


office officee storage

You are going to be spending a lot of time in this room so make sure you like it. And stay organized!


wishing you all a wonderful day!



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