Thanksgiving Inspiration Week

Thanksgiving seems to be a holiday favourite for a lot of families.. it must be the season, the delicious menus and having those you love around you.  It’s taking a moment to remind yourself of all the good things in life.

grateful. feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness. 

There’s no better reason to celebrate. And for all us Canadians, Thanksgiving is just one week away! So this week’s blog is all about the holiday. I’m going to be giving tips on decor, entertaining and of course, share some great recipes.

To start the week let’s get inspired by Thanksgiving centrepieces:

centrepiece  corn centrepiece  d4b35fb034808836194efcd86c00387d  pumpkin floral  tiny pumpkins  wood box

I love all of these options because they are so simple yet so pretty. Use pumpkins of all sizes, paint them, accessorize them or fill them with flowers. Fill a regular cylinder vase with tiny pumpkins and make them different by using a combination of orange, cream and gold (not into the DIY painting project? You can buy these already done!) Use a woodbox, leafs, branches, garlands or indian corn and get creative.  Check out the pumpkin inspiration post and use smaller personalized pumpkins in the centre of your table.

Feel free to send me your fall decor projects- I love seeing what you guys are up to.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for some yummy Thanksgiving dessert ideas.

wishing you all a wonderful day!


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