ballerina birthday

I was out running errands last weekend and I saw the cutest little girl wearing a birthday girl tiara and a tutu. I thought it would be a great theme to have a ballerina birthday (i’m hoping she had one!). I have to do this one day. Next time you’re planning a birthday for your tiny dancer, here’s some inspiration; simple and adorable!

ball ballerina bdrinks bwreath

Simple touches of pink and tulle can make this birthday extra special for your girl.

ballerina craft bcups

Have crafts set up for the kids. It keeps them busy and gives them something to take home.

bgrace binvite

Get fancy with a ballerina themed dessert table and gorgeous invitations.

2 cupcake recipes to try for this party:baking

Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

Confetti Cupcakes

wishing you all a wonderful evening!


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