DIY special: mason jars

I’ve had a box of mason jars in my office for the past few months. I’ve decided this weekend I am going to dress them up!

I have seen so many cute ways to make use of mason jars for decor and entertaining-

here are a few simple, cute ideas to make use of yours. 

For decor

music glows

fall mason


For the home


Make your home smell yummy by filling the jar with coffee beans and placing a tea light on top.


everyone needs a piggybank!


For Gifting & Entertaining


I love the idea of a homemade gift- fill a jar with cookie mix and a recipe or bake mini cookies and give them in the mason.


Great DIY project and gift- a homemade candle.

594e6a8a97e07773d0ad020348e614b8 9b2e09d29f08e3bb9f47ffc90e591e3d

Use jars for serving drinks or desserts-yum!


Personalize the jelly with a crafty label or wrap.


happy crafting! wishing you all a wonderful day!


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