post #100: top 5 entertaining tips!

Today is post #100 on the blog!!

I am so excited to be sharing tips, ideas and inspiration with all of you weekly. Thank you for reading 🙂

I thought it would be fitting for me to share some of my best advice for entertaining today. Entertaining can be stressful and tiring.. let’s make it easy!

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My Top 5 Tips for Simple Entertaining: 

1. Start early! Run your errands throughout the week before your event, that way you don’t feel rushed while you are getting the house ready. There are so many things you can prepare the night before and keep cool or even frozen. Doing this saves you the stress of prep-work on the day of and allows you to focus on final touches.

2. Do a variety of simple things as opposed to fewer complicated things. For example, one or 2 meat items and a few quick and easy sides. I have noticed most of the time people would rather try a couple things then have one big meal.

3. Don’t forget about you. If you put too much effort into making sure everything else is taken care of and forget about yourself it will show. Take those few minutes to apply your favorite nail polish or sit down and have a drink with your guests before getting caught up in the kitchen. Your guests are there to see you and you should have a chance to enjoy all your hard work too.

4. Say yes to help. I know this is so hard to do and I often fail at delegating but if someone offers to bring something and you know they are sincere, say yes. If someone lends a hand picking up dishes, let them. You would do the same for them and the more hands, the faster the process and the more time there is to relax, socialize and have fun!

5. Come up with a plan you like and stick to it. If you are the host, you are the boss. Pick a theme, menu or activity list that you think will work, your friends will probably follow. It is hard to please everyone but having a concept in your mind will make it easier to bring all the aspects together.

    With good food, drinks and company who wouldn’t have a good time?



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Don’t stress.. enjoy!

wishing you all a wonderful day!

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