Organizing the office, kitchen & home with Martha- Plus a giveaway!

For those of you who have been following my blog you are probably aware of my love for details, color palettes and stationary! I don’t know what it is but there is something about pretty labels, welcoming invitations and personalized place cards that adds that extra touch to any occasion! My love for stationary does not end at parties and invitations- I love it for organizing, gift wrapping and entertaining.

This leads me to November, the month before Christmas. It seems people do a spring cleaning in April and a back to school cleaning late August. I like to give my house a “touch up” in November as well.. The holidays are just around the corner, life is about to get crazy busy and I want to make sure my home and work are organized and ready for the holidays!

I started by clearing out what I do not need/want/use from my closet, pantry and home storage. Then I went to Staples in search of some materials for my project. This is always dangerous for me, there are some places where you always come out with more then you came in for.

Here’s what I got and here’s what i’ve been doing!

In my office:

DSC06630  DSC06632

I absolutely love the Martha Stewart Home Office line by Avery- not only is it practical and helpful but it also comes in one of my business colors!

DSC06626 DSC06627

I know a lot of people like to keep their contacts in their phone or on their computer but I still like to collect business cards- and keep them organized for easy access!

DSC06687  DSC06688 DSC06689

Once again, I could keep my calendar in my phone but I like to have a written copy- plus this one comes with a letter from Martha!


In my kitchen





These are great for the kitchen!

For the Holidays


I love these chalkboard labels! Add them to a cookie tin and the person receiving the gift can use it over and over again.

DSC06682 DSC06684 DSC06686

Get creative for your kids. This is a unique advent calendar using the holiday collection labels to identify the date. Fill the envelopes with notes, gift cards, chocolates, hot chocolate packages, tea etc. They will love opening these envelopes!

date night

We all need a date night once in a while! This doesn’t have to be an expensive dinner. Have fun making these personalized mason jars with chalkboard labels and have a movie night with your best friend! (ps. these chalkboard masons would be amazing for a country wedding!)

Fotor1103102351 Fotor1103102432

Place settings you can use more then once! You can write and erase again and again.



Remember those round labels in the kitchen? Stick one on each side of a toothpick and make your treats easy to identify. These are great for the crafty one who is setting up a dessert bar.

I didn’t forget about all of you! I’m giving away a $100 gift card to Staples so you can get organized and personalized too.

Go to the creative details Facebook page– like us and like your favourite post so far- this will enter your name in the draw to win. I will be drawing the name on December 17th- one week from now.

wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!


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