silver & gold

Silver or Gold?

I often tend to accessorize or decorate with silver as my metallic. I like the look of it and I think look better on me style-wise. I am often asked if the two can go together and I definitely think they can!

I was asked this question again recently and I was inspired to share this trend with all of you.

Here’s some inspiration for mixing silver & gold

In your closet

92f83ffb47fba9fffd8a1d2ca4bda9c5 4ff20f9de264d8f08e69755ab1132be5 20482e6f64ba9fbbc572f8771e673148 cf3b6e273d194d8cd4106799fcc7bcd9

For the holidays

9071d0b1766d882ced10cf993baad614 88398f01b85c22c03a631f32a39c9aa0

182905a5be51799c0a2b967822ceb3ae b5ccba6ab5afa9312e02b4fcd15862e6

For parties & events

5c829e8e7e284f79f52c9fae8dd69424 5348c29be99b0488120395d38cf2b116 022373ed2d083fd889fcb282e849893b


Happy Sunday Everyone, wishing you all a wonderful day!


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