holiday entertaining

Welcome back!

Day 9 of our 12 days of Christmas is all about entertaining! Being prepared makes playing host a lot less stressful and therefor a lot more enjoyable.

Here’s a few tips to stress-free, enjoyable holiday entertaining:

1. Have a plan
The most important thing you can do to stay on budget is to be prepared in advance. “Plan ahead as much as possible and freeze what you can. If you’re panicked at the last moment, you’ll spend more money on whatever is available.” With a plan in place ahead of time, you’ll also be more likely to find ingredients on sale.

2. Don’t feel stuck to the dinner table

Dinner parties are becoming more casual and social. If the size of your dining table cannot accommodate a group comfortably, try something different. Set up stations and encourage people to walk around or have multiple seating areas.

3. Keep decor simple

Although we may have ideas about amazing centrepieces and candles on the table, if they are blocking the view of your guests no one will notice how pretty they are, they will be a pain. Choose a simple piece instead.

4. Create a child-friendly zone

If you know there will be children attending, ensure you have a designated space for them to stay entertained. Set up a table and chairs and have cookies available for them decorate, a hot chocolate bar or simple holiday crafts for them to do while they await dinner.

5. Have a bar menu

There is no need to have a fully stocked bar. Having beer, wine and one or two signature drinks available is more then enough!


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Looking for more holiday entertaining tips? Check out what HGTV suggests here.


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