5 benefits to hiring an event planner

Good morning everyone,

Welcome back to creative entertaining. Last weekend I were part of the planning for a 13th birthday party and our client was so happy she featured us on a lifestyle post in her business blog. Today I am sharing part of that post and telling you about my 5 benefits to hiring an event planner!

1. You’ll get more for your dollar– Planners often have connections to vendors and wholesalers. They can negotiate with these contacts and get you the best deals.

2. They are creative! Planners have done this before and will have creative ways of putting things together to make your event look awesome without breaking the budget!

3. Someone is there to help you set up and tear down. Hosting a party can be a long day and having someone on site to help you – or do the setting up for you – can be a huge stress reliever!

4. Planners can help you develop your theme and stay focused. There are so many options these days! Having someone help you stay on track and coordinate the different aspects of the event can be very helpful.

5. Your time is valuable- this is their job. Hire someone who is priced reasonably and you will enjoy giving your input and then letting the professionals get things done so you can work on everything else going on in your life.

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Stay tuned for delicious muffin recipes tomorrow! and wedding planning tips later this week.

wishing you all a wonderful day!


What’s for dinner tonight

Happy Friday Everyone!

What are your plans for the weekend? It’s freezing here so I’m hoping to stay indoors as much as possible!

Tonight’s dinner is a comfort meal- perfect for a warm night in

Creamy White Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna with a garden salad

(I love this recipe because you can freeze individual pieces for lunches or quick dinners and it’s still delicious!)

For dessert: Home made chai tea latte and left over christmas cookies..

We’re also working on ideas for a sweet girl’s 13th birthday in February.. This is what’s on the inspiration board so far

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wishing you all a wonderful day!

ballerina birthday

I was out running errands last weekend and I saw the cutest little girl wearing a birthday girl tiara and a tutu. I thought it would be a great theme to have a ballerina birthday (i’m hoping she had one!). I have to do this one day. Next time you’re planning a birthday for your tiny dancer, here’s some inspiration; simple and adorable!

ball ballerina bdrinks bwreath

Simple touches of pink and tulle can make this birthday extra special for your girl.

ballerina craft bcups

Have crafts set up for the kids. It keeps them busy and gives them something to take home.

bgrace binvite

Get fancy with a ballerina themed dessert table and gorgeous invitations.

2 cupcake recipes to try for this party:baking

Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

Confetti Cupcakes

wishing you all a wonderful evening!

pirate party theme

Good Morning!

For those of you who have been reading this blog you know I try to share simple tips for everything related to entertaining. I haven’t posted much about kids yet so I will start today! For most you, birthday parties will be the reason to get creative and plan something fun for your kids and their friends. I personally don’t think you need a reason to have a party but if you do, a birthday is a pretty good one!

So, for all you moms, aunts, friends, cousins etc. who may be in charge of planning a child’s party, how about a pirate theme??

I am loving this theme right now because the young ones get so into it and it is super simple to make it look fabulous.

Here’s some inspiration:



invitations invite

Set the tone for your party with a creative invitation, this has your guests looking forward to the event way in advance!

(the message in a bottle has to be my favourite- so cute!)

signs costumes

Have signs and costumes there upon arrival, kids will love this.



08087242a2f4a626cdb5f1036def35f6 ish bfait table

I always tell my clients food tables are the easiest to incorporate theme. Use simple foods and get creative, add some flags, signs, wraps etc.

treasure hunt f88e6e621cbe7be908bf4cffd8129851

Every party needs games, print out a map or a list of clues and set up a treasure hunt for the group. Pirate ring toss looks fun too!

loot bags

Loot bags are a must. Make your own party mix or buy a caramel corn mix and add some chocolate gold coins to the bags. Setting them in a box or chest ties in the theme.

All of these ideas are so simple to do! Check out your local craft store, dollar store, Target. Or contact me and it will show up at your door in one pretty package 🙂

Stay Tuned- tomorrow’s post features some great party appetizers. 

wishing you all a wonderful day!

* I do not own any of the photos posted above. I have collected them from various sites and brought them together for inspiration.