wedding wednesday: groomsmen gifts

Happy Wednesday!

With the cold weather and engagement season in full swing I have been in total wedding mode lately- Pinterest, meetings and crafts have taken over my life but I have to say- I absolutely love it!

I’ve been chatting (and writing) a lot about entertaining, decor, recipes etc. And although men probably benefit of the recipes.. I don’t want them to feel left out! So today’s wedding wednesday is for the boys! (and maybe for the girls since you will probably be doing some of this shopping).

Groomsmen gifts can be a little tricky so I collected a few of my favourite ideas for you!


I love these personalized cufflinks- in my mind wedding party gifts are all about adding a personal touch and making those close to you feel extra special- this gift does that perfectly!


Boat shoes! What a great gift, these are the perfect show for everyman

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Every man needs a great wedding/survival kit. A tie, some whiskey, a cigar and some steak spice is pretty much all they need!

I’ve got so many more, I may have to do part 2 🙂

happy planning! wishing you all a wonderful day

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5 reasons to hire an event planner

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. Whether you are taking some time to yourself to relax or out and about getting things done, enjoy it!

December is the most popular month for engagements- 60% of engagements happen over the holiday season (crazy right??)

Being in the events industry, January is a very busy month connecting with new clients and following up with those who are already booked. I love working smaller events; intimate weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, milestone birthdays, cocktail parties etc. I have a passion for working closely with the client to create a memorable celebration.

For those who are recently engaged or planning a special celebration, here are my top 5 reasons why you should hire an event planner:

1. We go through a step by step process to ensure your event is entertaining and the details are taken care of.

2. We work for you to make sure things happen on time, on budget and within the theme. We are up to date on trends and we’re usually filled with ideas.

3. We keep you on track and organized. Planning can get overwhelming- it’s not for everyone so sometimes it’s best to leave it up to those in the industry. We often have tips, tricks and connections to give you a different perspective on issues.

4. If and when a problem arises, an event planner can most often take care of it without the guests or host being aware.

5. Most of the time we know the vendors. People are more likely to remember an event where things went wrong (ex: the dj didn’t show up, caterer was horrible) and that’s not the type of memories you want your guests to walk away with!

You want to enjoy this special time with friends and family and we make sure that happens 🙂

Looking for more information regarding event planning? We’d love to hear from you!

wishing you all a wonderful day!

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wedding accessories: the groom’s corner

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Today’s post is about weddings.. I stumbled upon some amazing wedding videos last night and I am feeling totally inspired (as usual) by weddings.

We tend to focus a lot on the bride and her bridesmaids when it comes to accessories. There is nothing wrong with that but as a planner I like remind everyone that the groom is just as important and we want him to feel special too!

I was doing some research and put together a few cute accessories from the groom’s corner on Etsy.

Here are my favourite finds:


I love this striped bow tie by 2Marys.


These bottle openers by EngravingPro are amazing! Personalized and useful- the perfect man’s gift.


Hangers by Design sells this awesome groom’s hanger. I’ve seen them for brides but having one for your guy would make him feel like it’s his special day (even if he may say he doesn’t need it).


Love these cuff links by IzzysVintageGarden. Once again personalized and the perfect touch to any suit.


NestingProjectWed thought of your guy!! We always see the “bride” shirts, sweaters and robes for her to get ready in.. this is something the groom can wear on the day of and have as a keepsake.


We all know I love stationary, this cute paper wrap to go around socks will create some laughter and lighten the mood for a nervous groom! Just a reminder you are always thinking about him.

Feeling romantic now.. time to cook dinner for my guy.

wishing you all a wonderful evening!