5 reasons to hire an event planner

Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far. Whether you are taking some time to yourself to relax or out and about getting things done, enjoy it!

December is the most popular month for engagements- 60% of engagements happen over the holiday season (crazy right??)

Being in the events industry, January is a very busy month connecting with new clients and following up with those who are already booked. I love working smaller events; intimate weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, milestone birthdays, cocktail parties etc. I have a passion for working closely with the client to create a memorable celebration.

For those who are recently engaged or planning a special celebration, here are my top 5 reasons why you should hire an event planner:

1. We go through a step by step process to ensure your event is entertaining and the details are taken care of.

2. We work for you to make sure things happen on time, on budget and within the theme. We are up to date on trends and we’re usually filled with ideas.

3. We keep you on track and organized. Planning can get overwhelming- it’s not for everyone so sometimes it’s best to leave it up to those in the industry. We often have tips, tricks and connections to give you a different perspective on issues.

4. If and when a problem arises, an event planner can most often take care of it without the guests or host being aware.

5. Most of the time we know the vendors. People are more likely to remember an event where things went wrong (ex: the dj didn’t show up, caterer was horrible) and that’s not the type of memories you want your guests to walk away with!

You want to enjoy this special time with friends and family and we make sure that happens 🙂

Looking for more information regarding event planning? We’d love to hear from you! info@thecreativedetails.ca

wishing you all a wonderful day!

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gift wrapping

Good morning everyone!

Day 5 of our 12 days of Christmas is all about gift wrapping- Christmas is just a few days away and for those of you  who haven’t gotten all your gift wrapping done- here’s some inspiration to get you done!


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White & Silver


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Kraft paper

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And because we’re in South Florida- here’s some coastal gift wrapping ideas



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stay tuned for festive drink recipes tomorrow!

wishing you all a wonderful day!

trend: stripes

Day 3 of our 12 days of Christmas!


Today I’m featuring a decor trend I love for every season (especially for the holidays) : stripes!

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Fun DIY Project: use a striped tape to cover basic tealight candles and place in votive for a simple decor piece.


Happy decorating! wishing you all a wonderful evening!

silver & gold

Silver or Gold?

I often tend to accessorize or decorate with silver as my metallic. I like the look of it and I think look better on me style-wise. I am often asked if the two can go together and I definitely think they can!

I was asked this question again recently and I was inspired to share this trend with all of you.

Here’s some inspiration for mixing silver & gold

In your closet

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For the holidays

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For parties & events

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Happy Sunday Everyone, wishing you all a wonderful day!

color trends: ruby red

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to creative entertaining. Today’s post is a color spotlight on ruby red- perfect for the holiday season and trending right now!

Here’s some ruby red inspiration:

In your closet


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In your home

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For events

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That’s all for now! Yummy coffee flavoured treats coming tomorrow.

wishing you all a wonderful evening!

Christmas Tree Decor

Happy American Thanksgiving to all my readers out there in the US! I hope you all enjoy the long weekend with those you love.

For those of you who are thinking about putting up a tree for the holidays- today’s post may give you some ideas!

There are so many ways to personalize your tree or give it a themed decor- check these out!

tree pictures

Family photos fill this tree, what a cute idea to have everyone remembered.

white tree

What do you guys think about the all white ornaments? I really like the way these pieces come together with some whites, cremes and sparkles!

xmas tree

I tend to place the ornaments wherever they fit- in no particular way or order. This person had a plan! the diagonal rows of white red and green and awesome!


a snowy tree- this makes me want to curl up by the fire with a hot chocolate!


Over the past few years I have noticed a lot of people mixing in new color schemes- this family tried purple!


And of course, the rustic touch with the burlap!

wishing you all a wonderful day- happy decorating!


Good Morning Everyone!

December 1st is just around the corner and it seems the weekends are filling up quickly. I love all the parties, cocktails and get togethers that come with the holidays. Having friends and family over is the perfect occasion to get crafty and creative- today’s post is all about wreaths, a fun DIY project for any age.

Here are some of my favourites!


hanging a simple wreath in front of a chalkboard is such a unique way to decorate a small area.


Of course a burlap project- this fabric was so popular with the rustic trends this summer. I like this look for rustic holiday decor! You can find these in most craft stores then personalize them with letters and sparkle.

snowflake wreath

Looking to do something different? Snowflake cut outs glued together (or onto a wire outline) is a modern way to decorate the door.


Who says a wreath needs to be round?


babybreath wreath


There are so many online tutorials for creating customized wreaths- this is just a tiny bit if inspiration!

Stay tuned for yummy recipes and some winter wedding inspiration this week!

wishing you all a wonderful day!

trend: kraft paper

Good morning everybody,

Just a reminder my staples giveaway is on all week– I am drawing a name Sunday! Check out the details here.

Trending in my saved items right now is kraft paper. Have you noticed how many ways this can be customized? I love that it allows you to get creative.

Here are my top 5 kraft paper projects right now: 





Using kraft paper makes gift wrapping so much fun! One roll can make all your gifts look so different. Remember the avery chalkboard labels I used in an earlier post? Those would be great on this gift wrap- their entire holiday collection is beautiful.

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using kraft paper as your table cloth can serve many purposes! seating cards, menus, entertainment for the kids, place mats etc.


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weddings & kraft paper. love.

I hope this inspires you all to get creative this season! I’ll be gift wrapping like this for sure- stay tuned.

wishing you all a wonderful day!

fall flowers

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today was one of those completely inspiring days. The weather was warm & sunny, I got to catch up with an old friend and enjoy some girl time. Telling her about events, decor and ideas I have been working on just lead to even more ideas and inspiration!

Earlier this summer I shared my love for peonies (they can be found in darker shades for the fall) and today I am posting about fall flowers. I have seen so many gorgeous bouquets and I cannot wait to work on fall events to put my ideas into action.

Many summer flowers such as calla lilies and roses come in these bright fall colors. Also popular for this time of year are marigolds, mums, sunflowers, snapdragons, ranunculus and scabiosa.  Best filler for any season and any budget? Hydrangea.

fall floral fall flowers fall-bohemian-flowers-043 floral wedding floral

wishing you all a wonderful night!

easy vase filler

Good Morning Everyone!

I am getting ready for a get together this weekend and trying to decide which way to decorate. I like to change up a few things around the house when I know I am going to have guests. One simple way to do this is to incorporate some fun centrepieces or vases around the house with various fillers. I have found so many great ideas for the fall but I am trying to keep it summer-y. We are not there yet!

So, for all of you looking to add something different to your home this weekend, here are some DIY vase filler ideas:


pearls vase

rustic vase

sand filler


shell vase

white beans

I think I will have to do this post again for fall & winter.

Happy Decorating!

wishing you all a wonderful day!

* I do not own the photos posted above. I have collected them from various sites and brought them together for inspiration.