wedding wednesday: groomsmen gifts

Happy Wednesday!

With the cold weather and engagement season in full swing I have been in total wedding mode lately- Pinterest, meetings and crafts have taken over my life but I have to say- I absolutely love it!

I’ve been chatting (and writing) a lot about entertaining, decor, recipes etc. And although men probably benefit of the recipes.. I don’t want them to feel left out! So today’s wedding wednesday is for the boys! (and maybe for the girls since you will probably be doing some of this shopping).

Groomsmen gifts can be a little tricky so I collected a few of my favourite ideas for you!


I love these personalized cufflinks- in my mind wedding party gifts are all about adding a personal touch and making those close to you feel extra special- this gift does that perfectly!


Boat shoes! What a great gift, these are the perfect show for everyman

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Every man needs a great wedding/survival kit. A tie, some whiskey, a cigar and some steak spice is pretty much all they need!

I’ve got so many more, I may have to do part 2 ūüôā

happy planning! wishing you all a wonderful day

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Christmas Cards

Happy Friday everyone!

The weekend is almost here and we’re kicking off our 12 days of Christmas!


Day 1 :

This first post is all about Christmas cards.. I’ve posted gift ideas under $10 and gift ideas under $50 but the card has the thoughts- and that’s what matters most, so here’s some inspiration for one of the best parts of gift-giving

Simple yet chic

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DIY  diy card 84

kraft paper trend

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Stay tuned for fun festive drink recipes tomorrow!

wishing you all a wonderful day


gifts under $50

Christmas shopping can be tricky! Especially when the person you are shopping for doesn’t really need anything.. I’ve had this problem a few times so I thought I would share some creative gift ideas under $50.00

For those interested in stocking stuffer ideas, check out this post – products I love under $10- great gift ideas

For Her

Painting Fingernails

For the most part you can’t go wrong with a spa service- almost every woman likes a manicure, pedicure or facial once in a while! They often have great deals on Groupon or LivingSocial for this.


Most people tend to buy pyjamas but a robe is a nice piece too! This one is Victoria’s Secret- it is super soft and comes in so many colors.


Take her on a wine tour! Girls love activities and this is a fun date for everyone. Create a gift certificate with a date that works for both of you or purchase one online. It doesn’t have to be expensive and fancy, just a day trip.

For Him

beers of the world

Try a brewery tour! We’ve done this and it’s actually a lot of fun- you’ll learn a lot too!


This travel scratch map is really cool. It has the same effect as a scratcher lottery ticket. It is completely gold when you purchase it and as you scratch where you have been the map gains color. You can find these online, at uncommon goods, urban outfitters or many bookstores.


It’s always nice to get something personalized- how cute are these personalized cufflinks? You can get them inexpensively from online retailers on etsy.

Happy shopping everyone!

wishing you all a wonderful evening

products I love: under $10!

Good morning everyone!

I can’t believe how fast the month is going by.. It’s almost that time of year where the malls get crazy busy and everyone is rushing to get their Holiday shopping done.¬†I will be starting mine this weekend!

I’ve done a few posts about products I love and today’s post is products I love: under $10. These are perfect for small gifts or stocking stuffers!

pBBW1-16810936v275 pBBW1-16895020v275

I love all the Bath & Body Works products- especially the seasonal ones. They are good quality and priced well. These mini candles are 3 for $10 and the foaming soap is $5.50 (or 3 for $15).


To me, Nivea is a classic product- this lip balm moisturizers and adds a touch of shimmer.


Essie’s toggle to the top- love this rich red.


I know so many people who don’t like to drink water (but know it’s healthy)- Mio offers a great flavour with just a drop!

productimage-picture-happy-tree-card-1377_jpg_275x275_crop-_upscale-_q85 productimage-picture-one-happy-birthday-card-1225_jpg_275x275_crop-_upscale-_q85

we all know how much I love stationary- these perfectly girly finds are from Target!


The Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark Squares are some of my favourites! (all their products are delicious)

That’s all for now- happy shopping everybody!

wishing you all a wonderful day

trend: kraft paper

Good morning everybody,

Just a reminder my staples giveaway is on all weekРI am drawing a name Sunday! Check out the details here.

Trending in my saved items right now is kraft paper. Have you noticed how many ways this can be customized? I love that it allows you to get creative.

Here are my top 5 kraft paper projects right now: 





Using kraft paper makes gift wrapping so much fun! One roll can make all your gifts look so different. Remember the avery chalkboard labels I used in an earlier post? Those would be great on this gift wrap- their entire holiday collection is beautiful.

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using kraft paper as your table cloth can serve many purposes! seating cards, menus, entertainment for the kids, place mats etc.


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weddings & kraft paper. love.

I hope this inspires you all to get creative this season! I’ll be gift wrapping like this for sure- stay tuned.

wishing you all a wonderful day!

DIY special: mason jars

I’ve had a box of mason jars in my office for the past few months. I’ve decided this weekend I am going to dress them up!

I have seen so many cute ways to make use of mason jars for decor and entertaining-

here are a few simple, cute ideas to make use of yours. 

For decor

music glows

fall mason


For the home


Make your home smell yummy by filling the jar with coffee beans and placing a tea light on top.


everyone needs a piggybank!


For Gifting & Entertaining


I love the idea of a homemade gift- fill a jar with cookie mix and a recipe or bake mini cookies and give them in the mason.


Great DIY project and gift- a homemade candle.

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Use jars for serving drinks or desserts-yum!


Personalize the jelly with a crafty label or wrap.


happy crafting! wishing you all a wonderful day!

wedding accessories: the groom’s corner

Happy Tuesday Everyone

Today’s post is about weddings.. I stumbled upon some amazing wedding videos last night and I am feeling totally inspired (as usual) by weddings.

We tend to focus a lot on the bride and her bridesmaids when it comes to accessories. There is nothing wrong with that but as a planner I like remind everyone that the groom is just as important and we want him to feel special too!

I was doing some research and put together a few cute accessories from the groom’s corner on Etsy.

Here are my favourite finds:


I love this striped bow tie by 2Marys.


These bottle openers by EngravingPro are amazing! Personalized and useful- the perfect man’s gift.


Hangers by Design sells this awesome groom’s hanger. I’ve seen them for brides but having one for your guy would make him feel like it’s his special day (even if he may say he doesn’t need it).


Love these cuff links by IzzysVintageGarden. Once again personalized and the perfect touch to any suit.


NestingProjectWed thought of your guy!! We always see the “bride” shirts, sweaters and robes for her to get ready in.. this is something the groom can wear on the day of and have as a keepsake.


We all know I love stationary, this cute paper wrap to go around socks will create some laughter and lighten the mood for a nervous groom! Just a reminder you are always thinking about him.

Feeling romantic now.. time to cook dinner for my guy.

wishing you all a wonderful evening!

hostess gifts

Hi everyone!

Tonight’s post is all about hostess gifts.. It can be tricky to come up with something to bring when you are invited to a get together or an event. It is nice to come up with something original, or maybe just add a personal touch to a classic gift.

Here are some ideas!

1. Remember the post about DIY centrepieces? You can take a look here. Take half an hour to put together a personalized gift, buy some fresh flowers and bring the centrepiece to the hostess- she will love the thought, the flowers and the “vase” to use it again!

2. Make up a patio emergency kit.. everyone loves sitting on their porch/balcony/veranda in the summer. Buy a beer bin and fill it with fun napkins, a bottle of wine, 2 funky wine glasses, a citronella candle and a party mix! Perfect for any host and will definitely be enjoyed.

You can find every color and pattern of bucket, then fill it with whatever you like!


Want to take this to the next level? check out

3. Buy some wine or beer and print personalized labels- this is just a cute idea to let your friends know you were thinking about them. It’s also fun for them when they take it out next to drink it

wine_labels il_fullxfull.151076762

PS. Anything homemade, dessert, flowers, or yourself will make a host happy- these are just fun ideas!

wishing you all a wonderful weekend!