holiday crafts

Happy Thursday everyone!

Can you believe Thursday of next week is boxing day??

For those of you with small children in the family, day 7 of our 12 days of Christmas is for you, today is all about crafts! (for all ages)

For the little ones


Kids love finger painting- these cute reindeer are simple & festive and look great on paper or on an ornament (see below)


I love this craft because it’s a nice decoration piece and is a fun activity any age (it can be personalized too)



For the “not so little ones”

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I love the idea of having your own festive art displayed.

Holiday food creations for the kids



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Tomorrow’s post is all about cake – YUM!

happy crafting! wishing you all a wonderful day!


halloween treats

Halloween is just a few days away!!

Remember my pumpkin decor post? and my pumpkin seed post? Well this one is all about the kids!


Keep the kids busy after school (or during a halloween party) and have some fun with them.

These treats are simple, fun and so tasty!

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Halloween Gingerbread House

Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes

Peanut Butter Jack o Lanterns

Goblin Goo Cups


Get the kids to draw a face on the clear plastic cup. In the meantime, prepare vanilla pudding and add a few drops of green food coloring. Let them help you fill the cups and top with crushed oreo or chocolate cookie. YUM!

Can you guys tell I love special occasions? I really think you can make it fun at any age. 

that’s all for now – wishing you all a wonderful evening!

* I do not own any of the photos posted above. I have collected them from various sites.

ballerina birthday

I was out running errands last weekend and I saw the cutest little girl wearing a birthday girl tiara and a tutu. I thought it would be a great theme to have a ballerina birthday (i’m hoping she had one!). I have to do this one day. Next time you’re planning a birthday for your tiny dancer, here’s some inspiration; simple and adorable!

ball ballerina bdrinks bwreath

Simple touches of pink and tulle can make this birthday extra special for your girl.

ballerina craft bcups

Have crafts set up for the kids. It keeps them busy and gives them something to take home.

bgrace binvite

Get fancy with a ballerina themed dessert table and gorgeous invitations.

2 cupcake recipes to try for this party:baking

Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

Confetti Cupcakes

wishing you all a wonderful evening!

after school snacks

With kids back in school it seems everything around us is about “after school” or “back to school” something. Keeping kids busy, happy and healthy is important and definitely takes a lot of work. Luckily, Pinterest can often give some creative ideas for tackling these tasks.

I was thinking I would post about kid friendly after school snacks today- snack ideas that both you and the kids would like. I have realized these are also great options for parties, weddings that have kids tables or simply get togethers when you are entertaining families- you have to plan a menu for the kids as well.

So here are some simple snack ideas to keep those kiddos happy!

Bears in a Bubble Bath Treat– these are adorable and look so tasty.

Panko Mozzarella Sticks (I make these all the time for adults too.. a delicious twist on cheese string!)

Baked Spinach Dip Mini Bread Bowls – No need to worry about mess or double dipping with this spinach dip idea.

Chocolate Banana Pops 

Popcorn Balls – YUM!

Simple, creative and tasty to satisfy taste buds of all ages!

wishing you all a wonderful day!

pirate party theme

Good Morning!

For those of you who have been reading this blog you know I try to share simple tips for everything related to entertaining. I haven’t posted much about kids yet so I will start today! For most you, birthday parties will be the reason to get creative and plan something fun for your kids and their friends. I personally don’t think you need a reason to have a party but if you do, a birthday is a pretty good one!

So, for all you moms, aunts, friends, cousins etc. who may be in charge of planning a child’s party, how about a pirate theme??

I am loving this theme right now because the young ones get so into it and it is super simple to make it look fabulous.

Here’s some inspiration:



invitations invite

Set the tone for your party with a creative invitation, this has your guests looking forward to the event way in advance!

(the message in a bottle has to be my favourite- so cute!)

signs costumes

Have signs and costumes there upon arrival, kids will love this.



08087242a2f4a626cdb5f1036def35f6 ish bfait table

I always tell my clients food tables are the easiest to incorporate theme. Use simple foods and get creative, add some flags, signs, wraps etc.

treasure hunt f88e6e621cbe7be908bf4cffd8129851

Every party needs games, print out a map or a list of clues and set up a treasure hunt for the group. Pirate ring toss looks fun too!

loot bags

Loot bags are a must. Make your own party mix or buy a caramel corn mix and add some chocolate gold coins to the bags. Setting them in a box or chest ties in the theme.

All of these ideas are so simple to do! Check out your local craft store, dollar store, Target. Or contact me and it will show up at your door in one pretty package 🙂

Stay Tuned- tomorrow’s post features some great party appetizers. 

wishing you all a wonderful day!

* I do not own any of the photos posted above. I have collected them from various sites and brought them together for inspiration.